Residential Demolition Services FAQ

Residential Demolition Services FAQ

What am I, the property owner, expected to do when I’m sure I want to raze a residential structure?

The first thing is to call to get utilities disconnected. Electric line should be removed from residence. Water should be shut off. Gas service should be abandoned. Keep in mind gas service can take up to 45 days for abandonment. The owner will also be required to sign and notarize their permission to demolish the structure on the permit application.

Am I required to backfill and put grass seed down once all materials are removed?

The city expects all voids from demolition to be backfilled until level with adjacent grading of property. They will approve the demolition permit final inspection without grass seed, however, eventually the department of sewers and drains may cite you for mud off on your property flowing into the streets and drains. We can include pricing to take care of both these items in our proposal.

How is asbestos handled in residential structures?

The EPA exempts residential structures from removal of asbestos. The only exceptions are if the structure was ever used commercially, or if the demolition of the structure is part of a large project of multiple demolitions. For the safety of ourselves and the general public, we do ask that any large amounts of asbestos are removed, such as exterior transite, siding prior to the start of demolition.

How long does it take for a demolition permit application to be approved?

Permit applications that are turned in can normally be issued over the counter. The only exception to this is if your property is located in an area commission. This is exclusive to properties located in Columbus. There can be up to a 60 day wait period for approval of the application if this is the case. You can check to see if your property is in an area commission by visiting

Can I leave the concrete slab or foundations once the structure is razed?

The city will not approve the final inspection of the demolition permit unless all materials from the structure are removed. However, the city does allow concrete slabs that were used as parking to remain.

Who handles getting the permit for demolition?

We will handle all permitting and any other paperwork necessary to demolish your structure according to City codes.

How long does the process of demolition take place?

For a residential structure, we can normally be completed with razing and hauling away debris in 1-2 working days. Backfill and site restoration should only take 1 working day.


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