New Technology Associated With Demolishing Buildings

There are conspicuous drawbacks to many of the old methods of demolishing buildings. The obvious example is that explosions generate a lot of dust and nose, but that’s just the beginning. There have been countless injuries and damage to property incidents surrounding demolition efforts, and that's a complication nobody needs. With these challenges in mind there have been worldwide efforts toward making the demolition process safer and cleaner. This is more and more necessary as increasing numbers of these teardown projects are taking place in dense environments. Here are a few examples of advanced demolition technology.

Using a Gas Canister

One of the most familiar advancements is the use of a canister that releases rapidly expanding gasses. This device is used almost identically to dynamite, and it's about the same size. For all of its similarities, it offers the benefit of a more controlled demolition.

Starting from the Bottom Floor

One of the more ingenious methods of taking down a building involves demolishing the ground floor and then lowering the rest of the building down floor by floor. This has the benefit of all the waste being produced at the ground level, reducing the noise and eliminating the need to use cranes and pulley systems. If you have a demolition project you think could fit one of these methods, contact Loewendick Demolition Contractors at 614-539-2582 immediately to get a consultation.

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